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Printing Questions

Printing Prices

In order to use Academic Technology facilities, you must have a valid Gatorlink Account.

Black & White Laser Printing - Single Sided $0.10
Black & White Laser Printing - Double Sided $0.08
Color Laser Printing - Single Sided $0.75
Large Format Plotter $3.00
per linear foot
Large Format Plotter - High Quality Paper $10.00
per linear foot

Where can I print?

Printers can be found in all Academic Technology labs. Printers can also be found in several other locations across campus. Visit our Printing Locations Map to find a location near you.

Where can I get help with printing?

In each of the Academic Technology labs, you can receive help from Academic Technology Technology Consultants. Each of these employees will be wearing a blue vest and are technically trained to assist you.

How do I pay? Where do I pay?

You do not directly pay Academic Technology printing fees. The fees are charged to your Gatorlink account. You will be e-billed at the end of the month with miscellaneous charges for Academic Technology printing, which will show up on your Student Financials account. To view your charges, visit http://my.ufl.edu and navigate to 'My Campus Finances'.

Can I use my own paper in the color printer or plotter?

Most glossy and photo papers will damage our printers, so we do not allow their use. For higher quality paper, you may print in the Application Support Center Lab located in Hub 224.

What are the plotters?

Our plotters can be thought of as high quality color printers with large scale printouts. The largest job that they can print out is 36 inches x 108 inches. If you are interested in using them, talk to a Technology Consultant and they can guide you in. As mentioned above, the charge is $3.00 per linear foot. The plotters are limited to non-commercial use.

What is the Printing Refund Policy?

In the rare case an error occurs while printing, adjustments can be made to the charges, or a refund can be issued, to the charged account in the following situations:

A refund will NOT be issued for the following reasons:

If you believe the print job qualifies for a refund then the following steps must be taken to receive credit for the jobs in error

Please note that if you experience an error in printing and are still present in the facility, you can bring the incorrectly printed pages to one of the Technology Consultants and be credited immediately.