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Print Service Cost

PrintersCost Per PageLocations
Black & White Laser$0.08Architecture (118)
Bruton-Geer Hall (141)
College of Veterinary Medicine (V1-110a)
Computer Sciences\Engineering (E235)
The Hawkins Center (3056)
HMEB (226 & 230)
HSC (CG14 & CG74)
The HUB (120)
Libraries: AFA, Education, Holland, HSC, Libary East, West and Marston
The New Engineering Building (288)
Newel Hall (All floors)
Norman Hall Education Library
Teaching Center (Broward 40)
Weil Hall (408)
Weimer Hall (2050 & 2056)
Black & White Laser
$0.16 ($0.08/side)
Color Laser$0.75Architecture (118)
Computer Sciences\Engineering (E235)
The Hawkins Center
The Hub (120)
Libraries: AFA, HSC, Library West and Marston
Norman Hall Education Library
Weil Hall (408)
Large Format Plotter$3.00/footArchitecture (118)
Marston Science Library (1st Floor) Computer Sciences\Engineering (E235)

Please note that these prices do not include sales tax.