Printing Locations

Listed below, you can find all of our printing locations based on the type of prints you need and if computers are available for submitting prints.

You can click on any location name to see the building on Google Maps.

LocationBlack and WhiteColorPlotterMobile PrintingComputers
Architecture (118 AT Lab)XXXXX
Bruton-Greer Hall (141) XX
College of Veterinary Medicine (V1-110a)XXX
Computer Sciences/Engineering (E235 AT Lab)XXXXX
Hawkins Center (3056)XXXX
HMEB (226 & 230)XXX
Holland Hall Library (1st Floor)XXX
Holland Hall Library (210)XXX
HSC (CG14 & CG74)XX
The HUB (120)XXXX
Library East (301)XXX
Library West (Multiple Floors)XXXX
Marston Science Library (Multiple Floors)XXXXX
New Engineering Building (288)XXX
Newel Hall (All flooors)XX
Norman Hall (G514)XXXX
Norman Hall Education Library (1500)XXXX
Teaching Center (Broward 40)XX
Weil Hall (408 AT Lab)XXXX
Weimer Hall (2050 & 2056)XXX