Printing from iOS Devices

By default, iOS does not make all of your cloud storage options visible in the Files app. The apps must be manually enabled in iOS settings. The example below enables OneDrive, but the same steps can be followed for any cloud storage app you wish to use.

Enabling OneDrive (click the play button below for a visual guide)

  1. Download and set up your OneDrive account
  2. Open the Files app
  3. Tap Browse
  4. Tap < Locations
  5. Tap then Edit
  6. Tap the switch next to OneDrive to toggle the app on (the switch will turn green)
  7. Tap Done

Using MobilePrint on iOS (click the play button below for a visual guide)

  1. Log into MobilePrint with your GatorLink credentials
  2. Tap Choose File and then Browse (…)
  3. Tap Browse to move to your current view-able files
  4. Tap < Locations and then OneDrive
  5. Navigate to your desired folder
  6. Tap the document you wish to print
  7. Tap Next and wait for your print job to load
  8. Select Black & White or Color
    • Need to print two sided? Click here for our two sided printing guide!
  9. Print your job at any of our print release stations located on campus!