Order Paid Service

The general process to setup department paid print or plot service is as follows:

1) Decide on persons to have department-paid print/plot, the time frame, and type of service. Our Print Services Coordinator can assist you with information about the services and locations available and an estimate of the cost involved.

2) Decide on the specifics of the print/plot to be purchased (e.g. 3 color plots, 2 black and white, etc). If you are interested in higher grade paper choices, you should use the ASC plotter. For instance, for panoramic photos on glossy paper.

3) Does the job need design or layout consultation services? Consulting services to develop specific output are available from the Application Support Center staff. Consulting services are billed at $35/hour.

4) The purchase order amount will be calculated from items 1 – 3. After you have an estimate of the cost go to the AT Order Form to enter the chartfield information for the account that will pay for the service. Printing services are provided through the Application Support Center.

5) Once the requisition is setup and in the system, Academic Technology will provide print/plot credits to the individuals and notify the department and faculty member that the setup for the service is complete. Note that the “department paid” line items are mixed in with “individually paid” line items in the billing system. Thus, if the individual goes over the intended amount, they will be billed individually through University Financial Services.

PrintersCost Per PageLocations (click here for location maps!)
Black & White Laser$0.08
($0.16 if printing Two Sided)
Architecture (116 & 118)
College of Veterinary Medicine (V1-110a)
Computer Sciences/Engineering (E235)
HMEB (226 & 230)
HSC (CG14 & CG74)
The HUB (120)
Libraries: AFA, Education, Holland, HSC, Library East, West and Marston
The New Engineering Building (288)
Newell Hall (Floors 2 & 3)
Norman Hall (Room 509)
Norman Hall Education Library
Weil Hall (408)
Weimer Hall (2050 & 2056)
Color Laser$0.75Architecture (118)
Computer Sciences/Engineering (E235)
The Hawkins Center
The Hub (120)
Libraries: AFA, HSC, Library West (3rd Floor) and Marston
Norman Hall (Room 509)
Weil Hall (408)
Large Format Plotter$3.00/linear footArchitecture (118)
Marston Science Library (1st Floor)
Computer Sciences/Engineering (E235)