Releasing Print Jobs

After you have submitted your job to the print queue of your choice, please visit one of our printing locations on campus to release/retrieve your job

Scan the QR code next to the printer. Once logged in with your GatorLink credentials, you will be taken to the release page tied to that printer

Select the jobs you wish to release and click the green release button at the bottom of your device. The job should print shortly.

Cannot Scan the QR Code?

Visit, and click on Jobs Pending Release in the left menu to see your currently uploaded jobs.

Click Print on the job you wish to release, or Release All to release all of your jobs. The site will now ask you to select a printer from the list.

The location field displays information for each print release station. The signage by the printers also lists the printer name and location information. Select the printer you wish to print to, and the job should print shortly.