Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who can print?

In order to use UFIT Printing Services, you must meet two requirements:

  1. Have a valid GatorLink account
  2. Be an active student or faculty/staff member
How much does it cost per page to print?

Please visit the Print Pricing Page for details about printing prices.

Where can I print?

UFIT Printing Services offers printing and large format poster printing services in UFIT Computer Labs,  UF Libraries and at various other locations on campus.  Click here to view all of our printing locations.

Where can I get help with printing?

In each of the UFIT Computer Labs, you can receive help from Technology Consultants. Each of these employees are technically trained to provide assistance.

How do I pay? Where do I pay?

The fees are charged to your GatorLink account. To view your charges, please visit the visit the Print Charges website.

To pay for printing charges, visit the ONE.UF website.

What are the large format poster printers?

Our large format poster printers can be thought of as high-quality color inkjet printers for large-scale printouts. The largest job that they can print out is 36 inches x 108 inches (3 feet x 9 feet). They are limited to non-commercial use.

Can I use my own paper in the printers or large format poster printers?

Unfortunately, no.  Only paper approved by UFIT Printing Services is allowed, as other paper could potentially damage the printers.

If you need assistance with high-quality glossy posters, or printing on other media, please visit the UF Mail & Document Services website for more information.

UF’s Mail & Document Services is a full-service print shop that will satisfy all of your printing and copying needs.

Are there any resources for learning printing applications?

The Center for Instructional Technology & Training (CITT) offers instructional development, graphics (Photoshop) and design courses to the UF community.

Depending on your affiliation (student, employee) and area (HSC, IFAS, E&G), you may have other training opportunities. Visit the UF Training & Organizational Development site or the UF LinkedIn Learning Page (formerly for more information.

What is the Print Refund Policy?

The Print Refund Policy can be found at the Print Refund Page.

Can colleges or departments purchase bulk printing credits for specific needs?

Yes, they can!

For example, a department could purchase a hundred black and white print credits for all students in a specific course or program.  The guidelines for the credits are:

  1. No print credits will be issued for poster printing.  Credits are for black and white or color print jobs only.
  2. Print credits are NOT interchangeable between services.
  3. Due to the complexities in the billing system, print credits are non-refundable.

To discuss a print credit purchase, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-HELP (4357) or submit a request.

Can faculty/staff have their printing paid for by their college/department?

Due to the complexities in billing for printing services, we cannot accommodate this type of invoicing.  If you wish to have print jobs paid for by a college or department, please visit the UF Mail & Document Services website for more information.

UF’s Mail & Document Services is a full-service print shop that will satisfy all of your printing and copying needs.

GatorPrint Questions

Why can’t I upload a file directly from my cloud storage like OneDrive or Google Drive? 

You can use the email option of GatorPrint to attach the file directly from your Gator approved cloud storage! 

However, when using Web Print or the Computer Lab, you must download the file from the Cloud Storage to your device then use their respective instructions to print the file. 

Is it possible to change the printing type after uploading the file?

No. The printing type cannot be changed after a file has been uploaded. If you need a different printing type (single-sided Black and White, double-sided Black and White, or Color), you must start the process over from the beginning. 

Please note that you will not be charged for jobs uploaded to GatorPrint; only jobs that are printed.

Why don’t I see my print job in queue after I used the email option of GatorPrint?

First, make sure that you sent the email from your GatorLink ( email address to one of the three email options for GatorPrint.

Second, make sure that you attached the document/file to your email properly.  

If you still have an issue, please try using Web Print and if that does not work, please submit a ticket explaining the issue you are having.

What should I do if I get a “HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request” error on the GatorPrint website? 

This error can often be resolved by clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. Here are the instructions for different browsers: 

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