Plotter Tips & Templates

Here are some helpful tips to avoid common issues utilizing the plotters:

  • The maximum width for posters is 36 inches.
  • Please do not create posters with a solid color background. This wastes ink and causes drying issues. If a user submits a poster with a solid background, we will ask them to change the poster design and resubmit it.
  • When creating your poster, please set the canvas size to the size that you want printed.  This will avoid the need to resize the poster prior to printing.  
  • The types of applications supported for plotter prints are: PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Photoshop, Illustrator, and IrfanView.
  • Any of the file types supported by the applications above will work for plotter prints. The preferred formats are .JPG, .GIF, .PDF, .PNG, .PPT, PPTX.
  • Font size for poster titles usually ranges between 60-77 point font. Font size for text usually ranges from 24-36 point font.
  • When copying text from another program or file, copy the text into a text box. This will simplify the process of manipulating the text size and font prior to printing. Copying and pasting text directly into the poster without a textbox is similar to copying an image into a poster. You will be unable to change the font type and can only change the size by resizing the box.
  • Avoid using small images (web images that are 72dpi) on large posters, as they will look pixelated when enlarged.
  • Reminder: The University of Florida’s logo use follows very strict guidelines and branding. Please visit the University of Florida Identity Site for further details.

Poster Samples & Templates

In order to assist with poster creation, here are samples of created posters, as well as poster templates for your academic use.

Reminder: The University of Florida’s logo use follows very strict guidelines. Please visit the University of Florida Identity site to find further details.

Poster SamplesPoster Templates
Sample #1 – PPTX formatTemplate #1 – 36×56 – PPT format
Sample #2 – PPTX formatTemplate #2 – 36×52 – PPTX format
Sample #3 – PPT formatTemplate #3 – 36×52 – PPT format
Sample # 4 – PDF formatTemplate #4 – 36×48 – PPT format